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Collection Name Edwards/Barton Family Papers
Title Edwards/Barton Family Papers
Date 1816-1987
Description The collection consists of papers, photographs, bills and receipts, and other documents from members of the Edwards and Barton families on Staten Island, focusing primarily on the owners and occupants of the Edwards-Barton House in Historic Richmond Town. Measuring approximately 3 linear feet, it is held in 3 document boxes and 2 flat boxes. Materials in the collection relate principally to Webley J. and Deborah Ann Edwards, their daughter Ella Amelia Edwards, her husband, Willis Barton, his father (Edward Perine Barton), and Willis and Ella's children (Samuel, Willis E., Mary, Francis Keith, and Leroy Barton).

The collection contains 8 Series (created during processing, based on the principal family or individual associated with the material, the date, and type of document -- and described below):
1. Edwards and Barton Families - Genealogy Records and Notes.
2. Edward Perine Barton Daybook/Journal, 1855.
3. Ledger (Account and Record) Book, associated with Webley J. Edwards, 1856-1864.
4. Webley J. Edwards Family Papers - Domestic Bills and Receipts, 1869-1886.
5. Willis Barton Family Papers - Domestic Bills and Receipts, 1884-1920.
6. Francis K. Barton Papers relating to his World War I Military Training and Service, 1918-1919.
7. Photographs (35 items) and Certificates (4 items).
8. Barton, Konow, Boeck Families - Misc. Papers, Clippings and Ephemera, 1907-1958.

(Keywords: World War I, New York, HRT, Early Twentieth Century)

Folder 1.1: Edwards Family Genealogy - original Bible pages. Contains 4 sheets of "Family Records" pages for Births, Deaths, and Marriages, removed from Bibles. Events dated 1773-1888.
Folder 1.2: Edwards Family Genealogy - other. Includes mss. family tree and notes. Also contract for gravestone marker for Lucretia M. Edwards, 1949. Also early 19th century mss. "List of Names & Ages" of Edwards family members, 1775-1816.
Folder 1.3: Barton Family Genealogy. Includes letter with family tree charts and notes from George W. Ingle to Robert Barton, 1987. Also carbon typescript of letter, dated 6 Jul 1918 from Ella Edwards Barton to Bureau of War-risk Insurance, reporting death of husband, Willis Barton, 27 Jun 1918. Also photostat of 1879 Richmond County $100 Drainage Bond, signed by Edward P. Barton, John M. Merrick, and David R. Ryers, Commissioners.

DAILY POCKET DIARY, FOR THE YEAR 1855: FOR THE PURPOSE OF REGISTERING EVENTS OF PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE OCCURRENCE. CALCULATED FOR ONE YEAR. (New York: Published Annually By Kiggins & Kellogg, 1855) Brown leather-bound volume, approx. 5-in. H x 3-1/4-in. W x 1/2-in.D with leather "tongue" insert on front for closure. Inscribed inside front cover and on front page (twice): "Edward P. Barton" (also on front page, inverted: "Henry. Lever"). Contains neatly-inked brief and readily legible daily entries of activities for entire year 1855, as well as accounts of bills and expenses (at end of volume). Exceptional record of daily events and weather conditions, in the life of a prosperous and prominent Staten Island farmer and government official, from New Dorp, who was active in the Moravian Church, and frequently traveled to New York City. Large proportion of entries relate to agriculture.

SERIES 3: LEDGER BOOK of Accounts, records, and inserted bills and receipts and other documents, associated with WEBLEY J. EDWARDS [1 flat box]
Leather-bound ledger or journal account book, 13 1/8" H x 8 1/8" W x 2" D; inscribed inside front cover "Bot July 14th 1856"; inscribed inside third page "Bot June the 25th 1856." Majority of pages (about 75% of volume, at center and back of volume) are blank. Includes inserted, near front, a loose Webley J Edwards bill and receipt for kitchen utensils, 1862.
At beginning of volume: 38 numbered pages of account holders (mostly in Richmond) for tailoring work (making and repair of frock coats, overcoats, pants, suits of clothes and other male garments) with entries predominantly 1856-1858, but some to 1863-1864. Accounts are headed with customer names, as follows: Stephen D. Stephens (p.2), Isaac M. Marsh (p.3), John Johnson (pp.4-5), David R. Ryers (p.6), Richard C. Moore (p.7), Dr. Ephraim Clark (p.8), Joseph Clark (p.9), Rev. Theodore Irving (p.10), James Guyon (p.11), James Coyne (p.12), Cornelius B. Mersereau & Robert Jones (p. 13), Henry S[C?] Bedell (p.14), Thomas Ford (p.15), Patrick Seaver (p.15), Simon S. Perine (p.16), Samuel B. Wood (p. 16), James W. Johnson (p.17), Joseph Egbert (p.17), A. H. Burbank (p.18), William Geib (p. 19), A.H. Britton (p.20), [p. 21 blank], Jacob C. & Johan H. Garretson (p.22), Richard Conner (p.23), Cornelius L. Perine (p.24), Joseph E. Perine (p.25), St. Andrews Sunday School (p.25), George Catlin (p.26), William Prier (p.27), Dr. Edward C. Mundy (p.28), Samuel H. Frost (p.29), Phillip Ketchum (p.29), Henry M. Boehm (p.30), Robert S. Johnson (p.31), John Johnson (p.31), Dr. Isaac L. Millspaugh (p.32), Albert Journeay (p.33), James O'dell (p.35), Abraham V. Conner (p.36), Walter Betts (p.37), Isaac M. Marsh (p.38).
Inserted (loose) between pp. 22 and 23 of the tailoring account book are several documents, including a mss. copy of deed, dated 1 April 1868, between the Johnson heirs and Webley J. Edwards for the purchase of the lot in Richmond on which the Edwards-Barton House was built.

Volume then includes, in sequence, 2 accountings for "The Estate of John Johnson decd / In Account / With Webley Edwards Administrator" 1860-1862 (4 pp.) and 1860-1864 (3 pp.)
Webley J. Edwards ledger of "Accounts Received from Jany 1, 1862... as Justice of the Peace" 1862-11 Sept 1866.
Webley J. Edwards accounts with Town of Southfield, as officer, February 1862-December 1865.
Webley J. Edwards accounts with Richmond Co. Mutual Insurance Co., 1862-1868.
Webley J. Edwards accounts re. Richmond Co. Court Terms, 1863 and 1867
Webley J. Edwards accounts as Trustee, School District No.1 Southfield and District No. 5 Northfield, 1867-1869.
Account of "Monies rc'd and pd to Cornelius L. Perine for Rebuilding St. Andrews Church," 1867-1868.
School District No. 1 Northfield Account, 1869-1871.
[large section of blank pages]
"Ellis Duxbury's Will" (3 pp. handwritten transcription of 1718 will deeding land to St. Andrews Church, Richmond)
[majority of following pages are blank]
A series of loose documents are inserted between two pages in this section, including: receipts with Mrs. Webley Edwards, 1884; Letter of Administration granted to Rebecca Littell and Webley Edwards for Estate of Richard D. Littel, 14 March 1859; Webley J. Edwards bills/receipts with E.C. Laforge for "instruction" of [daughters] Miss Ella and Kittie, and for sheet music, 19 Jan 1864; Webley J. Edwards bill/receipt for purchase of piano at T.S. Berry, 458 Broadway, New York, 20 December 1861.
At back of volume (last approx. 15 sheets) are series of separate, brief (1 or 2 pp.) account/ledgers or daybook notes:
"Subscribers for clock St. Andrews Ch" July-Aug 1868.
"Amount Received for Pews in St. Andrews Ch"1868.
"Amount Paid for Stephen Edwards Board from May 7th 1864" through Nov 1867.
"Mutual Insurance Co 1868".
"School Tax payers in the Town of Southfield for 1861" [2 pp.]
"Inventory of Furniture in my house which is Insured in the Richmond County Mutual Insurance Company" January 1862.
"Amount of Monied Securities" 1862.
"St Andrews Sunday School in Acct with Webley J. Edwards" 1861-1868
"School District No 5 in Account with Webley J. Edwards Trustee" October 1860-November 1861.
"1860 Richmond Feb 20 went to Amboy good sleighing…." [brief daybook/diary entries, through October 1861 and misc. personal accounts, including property rentals, through October 1864].
"Mutual Insurance Co" accounts, 1860-1862.
"St Andrews Church Dr for fluid" 1860-1861.
"District School No 5 in Acc with W J Edwards" May 1860 - November 1861.
"School District No 5 in Account with Webley J Edwards Trustee," November 1859 - November 1860.
"Sept 24th 1859, Stephen D. Stephens, Isreal C. Denyse and Myself was this day witness to Lawrence H. Cortelyou's will…" [and misc. accounts through June 1864]
"Peter Stevenson Colored man" account for rent, Aug 1858 - May 1860.
"St Andrews Sunday School" May 1858 - July 1861.
"Richmond County" February 1857- September 1858.
"Mutual Insurance Co" [ca. 1857- Apr 1860]
"Paid for Burning Fluid for Church from May16th [18]59 to…" through April 1860.
Inside back cover and last sheet of volume: Webley J.Edwards daybook/diary notes, principally about weather and temperature, January 1857 - October 1859.

Folder 4.1: Webley J. Edwards - Bills and Receipts Relating to Edwards-Barton House, 1869-1870.
[NOTE: these documents are related to others (house contract, specification, and bills and receipts) in MS 144 (Accession No. 90.10), Edwards-Barton Collection, gift of Robert Barton, 1990]
Folder 4.2: Webley J. and Deborah Edwards - Bills and Receipts for Building Repair and Furnishing, 1870-1888. Some may relate to the Edwards-Barton House, and some relate to other Staten Island properties owned by Webley J. and Deborah Edwards.
Folder 4.3: Webley J. and Deborah Edwards - Bills and Receipts for Staten Island Newspaper Subscriptions, 1866-1888. Billheads/receipts for Richmond County Gazette, The Staten Island Leader, the Staten Island Gazette and Sentinel, and the Daily Evening Commercial Advertiser.
Folder 4.4: Webley J. and Deborah Edwards - Other Domestic Bills and Receipts, 1870-1888.
Folder 4.5: State, Town, and County Tax Assessment Bills for the Edwards-Barton House and Guyon Store Properties, dated 1883-1895 [for Tax Years 1882-1894].
Folder 4.6: Webley J. and Deborah Edwards (and estate heirs) - School and Road Tax Assessments, 1875-1897.
Folder 4.7: School Tax Assessment Bills for Webley J. Edwards-owned properties NOT in Richmond, 1875-1886. Properties on Simonson Place (Plot 140) and Vanderbilt Avenue (Plot 152).
Folder 4.8: Deborah A. Edwards - Real Estate and Investment Bills/Receipts and Correspondence, 1870-1888.
Folder 4.9: Deborah A. Edwards - Alfred Z. Ross bills and correspondence, 1883-1885.
Folder 4.10: Edwards-Barton House (and possibly other properties): Insurance documents, 1884-1919. Bills and receipts and a few policy certificates for building and household furnishings.
Folder 4.11: Webley J. Edwards (and Estate) - St. Andrews Church, pew rental bills and receipts, 1867-1909.

Folder 5.1: Willis Barton, documents prior to 1890.
Includes "Application for Initiation" Aquahonga Masonic Lodge No. 685, 28 October 1868. Also 1878 bill/receipt for 18 quarts of cream from C. Bogardus & Son, 28 February 1878 (date of Willis Barton - Ella Edwards marriage).
Folder 5.2: Willis Barton, contents of envelope inscribed "Willis Barton / Private" - letter copies, visiting and business cards, bills/receipts, notes, ephemera, 1898-1899. Includes 2 very faded letter-press typescript letter copies, Willis Barton to County Engineer Robinson re. road conditions in Richmond adjoining the Edwards-Barton House, 3 August 1899.
Folder 5.3: Willis Barton Family - Household bills and receipts - related to Edwards-Barton House and property, 1896-1917.
Folder 5.4: Willis and Ella Barton - Real Estate & Investment Bills and Correspondence, 1889-1917.
Folder 5.5: Barton Family - School and Road Tax Receipts.
Folder 5.6: Willis Barton Account Bills and Receipts with James and Mary Black Family Store, Richmond, December 1894 - March 1905. Handwritten bills on paper scraps.
Folder 5.7: Willis Barton - Bills and Receipts for Meat Purchases from Manhattan and Staten Island businesses (other than Carlisle Market)
Folder 5.8: Willis Barton Family - Bills and Receipts for meat purchases from The Carlisle Market, 29 Pearl Street, Manhattan, 1902-1906.
Folder 5.9: Willis Barton Family - Bills and Receipts for purchases of coal and wood from H. W. Kelsey, Great Kills, 1897-1918.
Folder 5.10: Willis Barton family - Bills and Receipts for purchase of coal and Wood from other Staten Island vendors, including Steele Bros. (1895-1899), Gaedke (1891), and Percy Lett (1892-1894).
Folder 5.11: Willis Barton - Bills and Receipts for Tutoring and Schooling of Ethel, Le Roy, and Willis Barton, Jr., 1895-1902.
Includes bills from F.H. Hitch, the Staten Island Academy, and the Westerleigh Collegiate Institute.
Folder 5.12: Willis and Ella Barton - Domestic Receipts (Misc.), 1892-1920.
Folder 5.13: Willis Barton, Life Insurance Assessments, Bills and Receipts - from/with Royal Arcanum, Brevoort Council No. 1350, Brooklyn, NY (March 1891 - July 1895, Assessment Nos. 146 - 214)
Folder 5.14: Willis Barton, Life Insurance Assessments, Bills and Receipts - from/with Royal Arcanum, New Dorp Council No. 1219 (September 1895 -May 1898, Assessment Nos. 214 - 261)
Folder 5.15: Willis Barton, Life Insurance Assessments, Bills and Receipts - from/with Royal Arcanum, New Dorp Council No. 1219 (August 1898 - July 1906). Includes some correspondence from Peter Meyer, Collector, New Dorp Council.
[Note: printed on reverse of Royal Arcanum Assessment forms are lists of names of recently deceased members/policy holders with their address/locations (throughout U.S.) and dates and causes of death]
Folder 5.16: Willis Barton Family Papers - Ephemera, Blank Forms, Envelopes without or separated from content during examination and processing

Documents, related to 3 photographs and the 3 certificates in Photograph Series of this collection. Inducted into military service 12 October 1917, Francis K. Barton was appointed second lieutenant, Field Artillery 12 July 1918, and served abroad with the Postal Express [Courier] Service of the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF), 3 April 1918 to 10 October 1918, and then from 16 October 1918 to 19 April 1919, during the negotiations for the Treaty of Versailles. He was honorably discharged 22 April 1919. Primarily copies (many carbon typescripts) of official orders and directives; includes some bills and receipts for purchases and accommodations. Organized chronologically.
Folder 6.1: August 1918 - November 1918.
Includes Francis K. Barton's War Department Certificate of Identity (No. 25111), with photograph, fingerprint and official seal, issued October 15, 1918.
Folder 6.2: December 1918 - April 22, 1919. Service in London and Paris during Versailles Treaty negotiations.
Folder 6.3: Miscellaneous documents and correspondence - undated or papers dissociated from contexts. Includes personal correspondence regarding accommodations in France, typescript single page telephone directory for Oversees Courier and Postal Service, and typescript poems or song lyrics - "Good-Bye-EE Old England Good-Bye-EE"; "The Creation of Russia. 12.2.'19" (by R. S. Clark); and "The Kaiser's Talk to Hell"

[Note: collection highlights indicated with *]
In document box (28 photographs + 3 certificates):
1. Francis K. Barton, in front of stone wall, snapshot 2 3/8" x 3 7/8" with "19" on reverse [see 4, below]
2. Hilda Konow (later Mrs. Francis K. Barton) with William and Wilbur Boeck (brother-in-law and nephew) in background, 4 1/4 x 2 3/8" print, scotch tape repair, stamped "1[?]741" on reverse
*3. Ella Edwards (later Mrs Willis Barton) as young girl, ca. 1860-1865, bust-length carte-de-visite sized portrait in cardboard mat, 4 1/4 x 2 1/2"
4. Hilda (Konow) Barton, in front of stone wall, snapshot with "19" on reverse, 2 3/8 x 3 7/8 [photo taken same site and date as photo 1, above]
5.Francis Barton (at right) and Leroy Barton (left), snapshot on beach, in front of tent, stamped "Aug 9, 1922" on reverse
6.Francis and Hilda Barton holding son Robert ("Bobby") on beach, snapshot, stamped "910" on reverse, ca. 1928 (based on child's age)
7. Hilda Barton, Elsa (Mrs. Leroy) Barton, and Rosa (nee Konow) Boeck, picnic scene snapshot, stamped Aug 9, 1922 on reverse
8. Francis K. Barton on beach in front of tent, model sailboat in sand, ca. 1922 [similar location and age as 5, above]
9. Beach group, 10 people in bathing suits, posed in 2 rows, with Francis K. Barton, Hilda Barton, Leroy Barton, Elsa (Mrs. Leroy) Barton identified, stamped "Aug 29 1922" on reverse
10-13. Robert (Bobbie) Barton as infant in crib and toddler (4 snapshots), ca. 1925-1926. One, standing in crib, next to house, inscribed on reverse: "July 5th 1926 / Hello: Aunt Rose. / Love from / Bob"
14. Francis K. Barton in WWI US Army uniform, ca. 1918, 9 1/4 x 4 1/4" mounted print (identical to 02.062.0008, except this one has a detached lower edge).
15. Francis K. Barton and unidentified man in WWI US Army uniforms, ca. 1918, on reverse: "[Compl]iments of: / [?]/22, 19[?] / Paris O. White, 1st Lieut. AGD PES--London."
16. Francis K. Barton in WWI US Army uniform, ca. 1918, with printed inscription (probably photographer) below image "Henri Guionic. Saumur"
*17.Group of 5 boys on a sled (Francis K. Barton, in front) posed on snow-covered Court Place, in front of Stephens-Black House and Store, vintage print mounted on 8 x 10" board, ca. 1898-1900.
18-23. Robert Barton as child and young man (6 photo portraits), including 2 (one with mother, Hilda Barton) dated 1931, others about age of high school graduation, ca. 1943
*24. Tintype (ferrotype): double portrait of Ella Edwards and Willis Barton, posed in photographer's studio, probably around time of marriage, 1878.
25. Francis K. Barton and (sister-in-law) Rose Boeck, snapshot at automobile, ca. 1925.
26. Hilda (Konow) Barton (at right) and unidentified friend, in bathing suits, studio backdrop portrait, printed on postcard.
27. Leroy Barton, wearing tie (soft focused image, probably photo enlargement), print creased, stamped "497963" on reverse.
*28. Edward Perine Barton standing on porch of house, "E. P. Barton. April 1899." inscribed on reverse, vintage print on board, 9x7".
1.Army of the United States of America Certificate to Francis K. Barton for Appointment as Sergeant, Battery F, 304th F.A., National Army of the U.S, 8 April 1918
2.Francis K Barton, Certificate of Graduation, Field Artillery Training School, Camp Upton, 26 March 1918.
3.Francis K. Barton. President of the United States of America Certificate of Appointment as Second Lieutenant of Field Artillery, The United States Army, 1 Jun 1918 (recorded 21 Jan 1919).
4. The United States of America honors the memory of Francis K. Barton, signed by Richard Nixon, President of the United States (sent to Mrs. Hilda Barton in envelope postmarked 22 October 1971).

In Flat Box (7 photographs):
*29. Willis Barton, Jr., in 7th Regiment New York State Militia attire; Isaac Almstaedt, photographer; vintage 8 x 10" print.
30. Francis K. Barton in group portrait, 304th Field Artillery Regimental Football Team, Camp Upton, 1917, vintage print on 8 1/4 x 10" board.
*31. Konow Furniture Supply House facade, close-up view of storefront with three baby strollers (prams) in front, ca. 1914, Richmond Terrace and York Avenue, New Brighton, vintage print on 10 x 12" board.
*32. Konow Furniture Supply House facade, four-story mansard-roofed brick building, on street corner, ca. 1914, Richmond Terrace and York Avenue, New Brighton, vintage print on 10 x 12" board.
33.Hilda (Konow) Barton, bust-length studio portrait, 9 x 11 1/4" print in 13 x 10 1/4" folder, possibly ca. 1935.
*34. Girls' class school group posed in front of an unidentified Staten Island school building, probably Stapleton, with Hilda Konow identified in second row, fifth from left; inscribed by photographer, "Bear, 1912".
35. Men's baseball group photo with Francis K. Barton identified. in front row, third from right; photo includes two men wearing "Goodyear" shirts; location is possibly College Point.

SERIES 8: BARTON, KONOW, BOECK FAMILIES - Misc. Papers, Clippings and Ephemera, 1907-1958 [4 folders]
Folder 8.1: Newsclippings: includes two (2) by E.J. Edwards, copyright 1911, about Commodore Vanderbilt; pages from The New York Times, 3 Jan 1907, New Jersey Section; undated/unidentified clipping on Samuel Barton, Richmond County Democratic leader, 1851-70
Folder 8.2: Pamphlets and ephemera: Public School No. 28 Golden Jubilee (1908-1958) Program; Order of Services of the Two Hundred and Thirtieth Anniversary of Saint Andrew's Church, 1938; Richmondtown Restoration brochure, ca. 1968; USA War Ration Books, ca. 1943 (3, one each for Francis Keith Barton and wife Hilda Barton, Hilda Marie Barton, and Robert Edwards Barton and mother Hilda Barton); New York Board of Fire Underwriters inspection certificate for residence of Mrs. H. W. Barton, 151 Center Street, Richmond, 25 May 1927; NYC Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity Certificate of Electrical Inspection for residence of H. W. Barton, 151 Center Street, 15 April 1935.
Folder 8.3: Misc. Papers -- Two brief business letters to Barton family members, 1945 and 1947.
Folder 8.4: Hilda Konow and Konow Family. Includes school composition by Hilda Konow, "A Home Run" (1916); 3-Year Lease from Joseph E. Oates to William Boeck and Francis K. Barton for building at 668 Bay Street for use as dwelling and furniture store, 1 May 1923 - 30 April 1926; Marriage License for Amanda Konow and C.H. Arisbey, 25 January 1915.
Biography and History Webley J. Edwards (1816-1870) and his wife Deborah Ann (Mercereau) Edwards (1823-1888) were the first owners and occupants of the house now known as the Edwards-Barton House at Historic Richmond Town. (Before having that house built in 1869, Edwards owned and lived in a building on the adjoining property which is now known as the Guyon Store or Tavern.) Edwards was a tailor who became a prosperous real estate investor and also served as County Treasurer of Richmond County and Justice of the Peace. In the 1860 census he was listed as a "Gentleman." He was also a vestryman at St. Andrew's Church. Webley and Deborah had two daughters, Ella and Lucretia. They jointly inherited the Edwards-Barton House property in 1888, after the death of their mother.

In 1878, Ella Edwards married Willis Barton, a stock broker who worked in Manhattan. The couple initially lived in Stapleton. They moved into the Edwards-Barton House in 1892, and lived there with their five children: Samuel Edwards; Willis E.; Mary E.; Francis Keith; and Leroy. The family of Francis Keith Barton's wife, Hilda Konow, is also represented in the collection.

Francis Keith and his wife Hilda were the parents of Robert Edwards Barton. Robert was married to Gladys Barton. Their daughter, Deborah (Barton) Rosman, donated this collection to the Staten Island Historical Society in 2013.

Additional related materials may be found throughout the collections of the Staten Island Historical Society, especially donations from members of the Edwards and Barton families. See especially MS144, Edwards/Barton Collection, which contains documents that are closely connected with those in this collection.
Legal Status Items represented here are from the collections of the Staten Island Historical Society. Materials reproduced for personal non-commercial use must credit the Staten Island Historical Society. Commercial licensing is available.
Physical Extent The collection is approximately 3 linear feet and consists of 5 boxes (3 document boxes and 2 flat boxes).
Acquisition Gift of Deborah Barton Rosman
Catalog Number MS237.000
Object Name Records, Family
Archival Description Level Fonds
Subjects Anglican churches
Food vendors
Military personnel
Building construction
Family trees
Farm life
Food supply
Furniture stores
General stores
Insurance companies
Insurance certificates
Military uniforms
Military training
Military service
Music education
Musical instruments
World War I
World War II
Earliest Date 1816
Latest Date 1987
Lexicon Sub-category Documentary Artifact
Associated People Barton, Edward Perine
Barton, Ella Amelia (Edwards)
Barton, Francis Keith
Barton, Leroy
Barton, Hilda (Konow)
Barton, Willis
Barton, Robert
Barton, Willis E.
Edwards, Webley J.
Edwards, Lucretia
Edwards, Deborah Ann (Mersereau)
Marsh, Isaac M.
Stephens, Stephen Dover, Sr.
Moore, Richard Channing
Clark, Dr. Ephraim
Seaver, Patrick
Conner, Richard 3rd
Boehm, Henry Martin
Conner, Abram V.
Perine, Cornelius Lake
Stevenson, Peter
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